Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAV

The Gladewater Police Department Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are a unique tool for Law Enforcement, Fire, and even Civic use in the Gladewater Area.
We can use our vehicles for:

● SEARCH and RESCUE – Lost or Hiding Person(s) and Property
● TRAFFIC COLLISION RECONSTRUCTION – Aerial Views of Real Time Accident Scenes Not Available with Historical Satellite Views
● ACTIVE SHOOTER SCENE/SUSPECT INVESTIGATION – Views of Barricaded, or Hidden Subjects, Giving Law Enforcement More Control and Options
● CRIME SCENE ANALYSIS and INVESTIGATION – Aerial Photography, Video and Multi-Angle Views of Crime Scenes for Investigation and Reconstruction
● SURVEILLANCE – Survey Areas of Interest that are Hard To Reach, Hard To See, or Better Viewed From the Aerial Platform
● CROWD MONITORING and CONTROL AIDE – UAV Presence Can Give a Unique Overview of a Crowd as a Whole and Provide Visibility/Notice of Police Presence


DJI Phantom 3 – SE

● 4 Batteries (Est. 15min Flight Each)
● Carbon-Fibre Blades
● HD Camera for Stills and Video
● Light, Easy Deploy for Open Area and Light Wind Days.
● Best for Short Range, Low Altitude


Contact Us To Donate To the Program or for Possible Demonstrations:


Phone: 903-845-2166

Gladewater Police Dept.
511 S Tyler St Gladewater, TX