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Stay connected to your Gladewater! Receive important information and updates from City of Gladewater, Gladewater Police Department, Gladewater Fire, and Other Event Coordinators through Genasys.


Genasys Alerts – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Gladewater Alerts (powered by GEM)
    • The Genasys Emergency Management (GEM) system is a multi-channel (i.e. SMS, voice, email, etc.) communication solution that provides lifesaving emergency information.
  • What types of notifications/messages will I receive from GEM?
    • Gladewater Alerts will use the GEM notification system to alert residents about issues that may affect your safety, such as wildfires, tornados, floods, gas leaks, power outages, and other emergency notifications.
  • My contact information has changed, how do I update it?
    • Login to the Gladewater Alerts registration portal and go to the page that needs to be updated. For instance, account or emails, and update your information. Remember to click the “Update” button when done.
  • How will I know if a phone call, email, or text (SMS) is coming from Gladewater Alerts?
    • Email messages will come from GLADEWATER ALERTS (, phone calls will display from Caller ID (430) 271-1027 phone number, and text/SMS messages will use the sender ID 65513.
      We recommend you create a contact in your phone called Gladewater Alerts with this information.
  • Who can register?
    • Anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Gladewater Alerts can sign up. Visitors or people with family in Gladewater Alerts may also register. If you need assistance with registration, call City of Gladewater, (903) 845-2196.
  •  How do I register?
    • Visit Gladewater Alerts to sign up for notifications and designate how you would like to be contacted. To receive text alerts, you must add your SMS (text message) phone number(s).
  • How do I un-register or Stop SMS Messages from Genasys?
    • To stop SMS messages from Genasys short code 65513, text STOP to 65513. You will receive a confirmation of the action in reply.
  • Are there any costs for SMS messaging from Genasys Alerts?
    • There is not a charge for this service from Gladewater or Genasys Alerts, though cellular provider message and data rates may apply. Talk with your provider for more information on this.
  • How do I find the Terms and Conditions for Genasys Alerts?
    • Go to and you may read the Term and Conditions set forth by Genasys, Inc. This is a third-party software used under SaaS Agreement with City of Gladewater and Genasys. The link contained here is to a third-party site and is in no way maintained by City of Gladewater staff.
  • Will my contact information be shared with others?
    • No, the information you provide will only be used by Gladewater Alerts to send you alerts. Your contact information will never be sold to an outside entity.
  • What are some reasons alerts from Gladewater Alerts may not be delivered to me?
    • Your contact information is not up to date.
    • You did not enable the SMS checkbox.
    • Your phone is off or busy for an extended period of time.
    • Your email provider may have placed the email in the spam/junk folder. Please add Gladewater Alerts ( to your trusted mail list.
    • City of Gladewater staff will be able to see the call/email/text results of an alert. It is recommended you have more than one contact method registered.
  • How do I remove my information from the system?
    • You can unsubscribe directly from the registration portal. Login to Gladewater Alerts, go to the unsubscribe button and follow the prompts. This will delete all contact data from the system.

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